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Do you have a video game system that needs fixing? Want to upgrade your classic console with crystal clear HDMI, RGB SCART, or Component output? Have some other electronic device that needs to be repaired? OFS Mods is here for all your electronics repair needs. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have, I'm always happy to help.

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UltraHDMI Installation with LED Swap
UltraHDMI Installation with LED Swap

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PS1Digital GPU Flex Cable Installation

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UltraHDMI Self Test

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UltraHDMI Installation with LED Swap
UltraHDMI Installation with LED Swap

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My name is Rob DeCotiis.  I'm an engineer by trade, and I have had a passion for electronics repair for the last twenty years, and performed many repairs and modifications of my personal game consoles. Several years ago, I started doing electronics repair and game console modification work for customers, and have since modified consoles for customers from all over the United States, and have even done work for customers in Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. Recently, my focus has been on high definition upgrades to legacy video game systems. In addition to working on video game consoles, I am very experienced with 3d printing, having operated several 3d printers and built my own custom Railcore II 300ZL printer.



Expert Repairs and More


Black Dog Technology/PixelFX  HDMI Upgrades - N64Digital, PS1Digital, DCDigital, GCDual, Wiidual, etc.

I am a recommended installer of the N64Digital from PixelFX, as well as the DCDigital,  PS1Digital, Wiidual, GCDual, and 3doRGB upgrade kits from Black Dog Technology. If you'd like one of these installed in your console, I can help! 


Optical Disc/Drive Emulator (ODE) Installation -

X-Station, MODE, GCLoader, GDEMU, Rhea/Phoebe, PSIO, etc.

I am very experienced in installing ODE's in many classic consoles, including the PS1, Gamecube, 3do, Dreamcast, and Saturn.


Electronics Repair and 3d Printing Services

Is your other electronic device acting up? I have repaired several other types of electronic devices including 3d printers, audio amplifiers and DACs, desktop and laptop computers, cell phones, etc. 



Rob does quality work.  How do I know? I’ve watched him repair some of my more fragile systems in person.  He takes the time to properly dissasemble, repair, and reassemble systems and moreover he understands what he is looking at and how to do things right.  His attention to detail is admireable and he has the skills to properly execute every mod job I’ve thrown at him.  To date he has recapped my Vectrex, Sega CD, and Amiga CD32 as well as RGB modded my Turbo Duo.  I’d trust him with any retro gaming hardware and easily recommend him to other gaming enthusiasts.

Aaron from Pennington

"Rob installed the mod in a matter of days and was really communicative the entire time. I haven't looked inside the console to actually see his work but it's working just like I had expected!"

Michael from Brooklyn

"I received the NES back, all i can say is WOW!! It was like '86 again when I first stated playing Nintendo coming off the commodore64, coleco, and atari. 
Played for about 4 hrs last night. All is working well. Just wanted to thank you again for the quick turnaround. Once my buddies take a look at this you might be getting a few more customers. Anyway, thanks again."

Rob from Holbrook

I send all of my systems to OFS Mods. They do an excellent job of handling my systems and installing my mods. I just recently sent OFS my N64 to upgrade it with the Ultra HDMI mod. The system works great! They do their work in a timely manner. All of their work looks so professional too. One thing about the Ultra HDMI upgrade, on the N64, is that it requires a notch cut in the back of the system for the HDMI port to fit. OFS Mods made my system look like it was made with that notch. They do the mods right. I will forever use OFS Mods. I love their work.


Thank you OFS Mods!

Robert from Dallas



If you'd like to discuss a project, feel free reach out to me at ofsmods@gmail.com or on Twitter @robdecotiis and I will respond as quickly as I can. Because of my extremely high workload, it may be a few days before I get back to you. Thank you for your patience.

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